About Us

i love love i hate hate

The Brand that makes a stand!

illihh Brand Apparel is a clothing company that creates the latest trends, while supporting the global community… because we truly are all in this world together.

So where did it all begin? I love LOVE I hate HATE (illihh…pronounced ill-ee) was established in Los Angeles, California. This brand was created to serve not only as a clothing line but as a gateway to help others initiate the change for a better world.

We're not only a clothing brand... We're a movement too!

What makes illihh so unique is that it combines elements from all different communities to create its own image. Whether it be west-coast style, east coast spunk, or the zen of  far east, illihh harvests all these ideas to cultivate The Brand that makes a Stand! Combining these different characteristics from across the world illustrates the global unity we encourage to connect and create positive change throughout our communities.

This Is Our Passion

As this movement is so important to us, we have worked hard to create foundations that support those in need and create an opportunity for those who have the power to lend a hand! We are all from different walks of life, although we might not know where someone is coming from, we can always give them a hand!

The illihh Outreach Program

Due to the ever-changing world our illihh outreach program is in a constant state of development. We are not bound by one specific program, rather we aim to allocate no less than 10% of our net profits towards various like-minded groups who uphold the core values our brand is founded upon. Whether it be lending financial support to various organizations or gifting our product to those in need, our support is broad but you can bet that anywhere we see somebody spreading the message of LOVE over Hate, we’re in!