Outreach Bulletin

Here at illihh brand apparel we are genuinely committed to giving back no matter what it takes. We have dedicated a portion of our company’s revenue towards helping others and ultimately ensuring that the battle of love over hate prevails! This can include numerous different organizations/groups our goal is to help others, together we can Be The Change!

We have created this page in order for our illihh family to share how they help in their communities and programs to give us better ideas of where to allocate our proceeds. The best part about our illihh outreach program is that it is effervescent and adaptable to times and societal needs at hand. Your input helps us to determine the most beneficial areas of need in this vast nation.

Please email us at outreach@illihh.com. We want you to convey your story and goals in regards to any programs we may be able to assist with! Upon consideration we will determine if and the amount of funds/help we will dedicate towards your cause! Our goal in doing this is to bring awareness to organizations in which funding is deserved and needed! Even if your work is in the beginning stages, share with us your future plans so that we may lend a helping hand in contributing to your growth and success.

We encourage this to be a place of love and acceptance. Let’s come together and embrace the amazing world we live in, together we can make it a better place!