Behind the Seams

Take a quick look at everything that goes into our production and distribution process. We like to be completely transparent…but don’t worry our clothing isn’t!

Did you think we were all talk? Our brand is so focused on global unity and creating a positive impact worldwide that we partner with companies across the map creating opportunities for everyone. As we stated earlier, this is a brand for people made by people!

As you can see all our products are handcrafted so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind! Our hand painted world love, world peace beads were inspired by the peaceful people of Tibet’s prayer wheels. The Tibetans believe when a prayer wheel is rotated the script, characters, and thoughts inscribed on the wheel disperse into the universe and take effect. We at illihh are hopeful our beads will do the same! We encourage you to rotate them until they fall off… we have plenty more!

We currently sell the heaviest hoodie on the market ranging from 2.5lbs – 5lbs (weight varies by size). All our clothing (excluding winter jackets…but is embroidered on the sleeves!) features our signature hand painted bead sewn into the bottoms corner.

We hope you enjoy watching our production videos as much as we enjoyed the process of creating your clothes!